Bridge leading to the therapy garden.Bridge leading to the therapy garden.


 At Scalarhoney Health Retreat we offer the original HOLISTIC HEALING EXPERIENCE.  We are situated deep in the Tsitsikamma Mountains surrounded by 550 ha of wild organic honeybush tea, Tsitsikamma crystal spring water and thousands of indigenous fynbos species including numerous protea species.  Here we live in harmony with nature and live in gratitude with all the gifts of abundance and HEALING ENERGIES our MOTHER EARTH bestows upon us infinitely!

We specialize in ENERGY MEDICINE!  At Scalarhoney Health Retreat and Lifestyle we work with and alongside Nature the True Healer to bring about wellbeing and balance on all levels in the demonstration of holistic living, herbs and holistic therapies.  Here our intentions are to encourage fellow beings to re-align themselves with nature’s rhythms and in doing so will be reconnected to the infinite flow of healing energies.

 Our Primary therapy is The SCIO BIOFEEDBACK/SCALAR ENERGY.  ENERGY MEDICINE at its BEST!  This is the fusion of the original ancient with the current modern day technologies, which encompasses and combines all therapies that exist in energetic form and frequencies.  The Scio Biofeedback device was created by scientist and Professor Nelson who worked with NASA.  (SCIO – SCIENTIFIC CONSCIOUSNESS INTERFACE OPERATIONS)

The Scio Device focuses on overall stress detection and reduction on all levels, treating the cause as well as the symptoms of dis-eases.  The Scio Device focuses on bringing about balance in the unique individual as requested by their body and energy field. The Physical body will only heal once the energy field has been balanced.  We enter the client’s full names and date of birth into the Scio data-base as this is their unique energetic signature. The Scio Biofeedback Device scans the client in person while sitting on a rubber blanket or Virtually/Remotely (over the air waves) for those at a distance and tunes into the client’s energy field and body.  The Scio Device was used by NASA to prepare men and woman going into space on all levels regarding their physical, mental and emotional well being and to continue monitoring and treating them while in space.


Energy is Infinite and transcends time and space therefore we are able to administer Virtual/Remote Treatments for clients where ever they are.   The practitioner is guided as to the imbalances present and gently sends healing energies into the client’s energy field.  The Scio treatment is able to give the client multiple therapies within a treatment session of approx. 1,5 hrs, and in doing so speeds up the process of bringing about balance on a variety of ailments in body, mind, emotion and electromagnetic field accumulated within the clients lifetime.  Within the same session in background programmes the Scio Device can enhance maximized potential within the client if so requested by running additional energetic beauty treatments, weight loss frequencies, super learning and sports enhancement programs.

 Depending on the unique individual multiple sessions may be necessary to bring about whole Health when living in accordance with a healthy holistic lifestyle. Back to the Basics!

 The Scio Biofeedback Treatment assists in returning a balanced state to humans and animals as required by the unique individual/energy field and wearing a Scalar pendant or bracelet assists in maintaining the balance and continues to protect the energy field.

 The multiple Scio therapies include energetic:



Herbal therapy

Chiropractic adjustments

Stress/Emotional management e.g. Depression, addiction release etc…

Hormonal balancing

Pain and injury management.

Nutritional guidance

Pathogenic detection and balance

Beauty and weight loss programmes

Sports enhancement programmes and plenty more in accordance with what the unique clients energy field has requested.          R450 per treatment


ScalarHoney Health Retreat also offers a variety of other holistic techniques and products:

Tsitsikamma Crystal Energized Water.

Scalar products: Jewelry that protects the human energy field and household from harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.…

Body alignment – hands on healing    - R250 per treatment  

Sound therapy – drumming workshops – R200 per workshop


Fynbossie bath salts, Herbal spice and Fynbos Honey.

Honeybush Tea, see home page for potent medicinal properties


ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE ENERGIZED WITH SCALAR ENERGY – pls see website for additional information.

Various hikes along the mountain among waterfalls, crystal grids and natural crystal rock pools (natures original hydro spa and cool mountain springs of cryotherapy).

The Honeybush Retreat Cabin and Buchu Tree House/ Glamping Site – is a healing haven and off the grid using only solar energy and candles, built from the natural materials and rocks from the mountain. The quartz crystal mosaic floor also generates peaceful healing energy.



3 nights accommodation in The Honeybush Cabin @ R750 p/n  – R2250

4 Scio Biofeedback Treatments @ R450 each – R1800

2 Body Alignment hands on therapy – R500

Drum workshop for 2 – R400

Scalar pendant/bracelet for 2 – R900


Clients may also create their own therapy package from our list of therapies on offer – request a quote.

The Honeybush Cabin and The Buchu Glamping site is self-catering.

They are both equipped with utensils, kitchenware, linen, towels, gas cooker and a hot shower.  We recommend you pack in your favorite health foods and refreshments as we only have a basic U-Save/Checkers in town – Joubertina.  It is not necessary to bring water, plenty crystal clean water in the river.  Bring comfortable hiking shoes (water shoes), a headlamp and warm clothing as the mountain can get chilly in the evenings.

Please see our website for additional information  and click on Scalar Energy and Scio Biofeedback.


Wishing you Love, Light, Healing and Peace.

Contact : Michelle

                  0796190981 - office



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Michelle's holistic kitchen creating Fynbossie herbal products.Michelle's holistic kitchen creating Fynbossie herbal products.

Therapy and meditation- Zen gardenTherapy and meditation- Zen garden

Hiking at the retreat.Hiking at the retreat.


Drumming at the cabin.Drumming at the cabin.


Our Fynbossie herbal productsOur Fynbossie herbal products

Yin yang mosaic floor at entrance to cabin Yin yang mosaic floor at entrance to cabin

Crystal mosaic rock floor in the cabin.Crystal mosaic rock floor in the cabin.



Another natural rock pool.Another natural rock pool.

One of our hikes.One of our hikes.

Veggie + herb gardenVeggie + herb garden

Crystal grids at rock poolsCrystal grids at rock pools