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Royal Africa Honeybush is situated in the Tsitsikamma Mountains, Langkloof, Southern Cape, South Africa. The Reserve consists of 550 hectares of ancient Fynbos biome, where Honeybush (Cyclopia sp.)  a rare herb, is found growing wild along mountain slopes and valleys of the Southern Cape. It is also sustainably cultivated on our remote wilderness reserve in the Tsitsikamma mountains. 

The indigenous Khoi and San peoples of Southern Africa gathered Honeybush (often referring to it as Heuningbos of Stokkies tee) for centuries. It was favored for its sweet flavor and medicinal qualities. In the 17th Century, upon observing the Khoisan’s use of Honeybush as a hot beverage,  the Dutch and British settlers began substituting it for their usual teas.

Our Honeybush is nurtured and harvested in accordance with a single-source policy and totally organic. To preserve the inherent benefits of the herb, it is harvested wild and in our new planted nursery, all organically cultivated, without pesticides or fertilizers. It is a very difficult plant to cultivate and initial losses exceed 30%. Processing and fermentation are carried out under strict environmental and ecologically friendly conditions. The whole harvest is organic certified. After handpicking, the plant is macerated and fermented in baking ovens and then blown dried with hot air. The tea is then sieved into various grades for final enjoyment by the discerning tea drinker.