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Fynbos Honey Liqueur

Spirit of the Tsitsikamma

Lote Pequeno

Our Unique Fynbos Honey Liqueur is produced in harmony with nature, hand-crafted, in small batches, made of our own Fynbos Honey, purest spring mountain water that makes for a unique bold and Unique Honey Infusion. Sip it, drink it on the rocks or mix it with tonic water for an alternative to Gin&Tonic. Honey is a natural antibiotic, which also contains anti-histamine and a very unique protein. Protein reactions between the honey and alcohol will result in a fine sediment forming which is completely natural.


Produced in the Tsitsikamma Mountains.


Only R 340,00 =500ml

Only R 420,00 =750ml

A tribute to both the hard working bees and the unique Fynbos Floral Kingdom which they pollinate in our Tsitsikamma Mountains. Delicious served on cheese platters to dip mature cheddar cheeses, as well as over ice creams and in desserts. Also excellent added to potjiekos with stewed fruit. 

Infused and sweetened with unadulterated fynbos honey. This is truly a unique honey liqueur as the fynbos plants from which the bees collect the nectar are located only in South Africa. Each batch will be slightly different as a new varietal of fynbos honey is used. Rich, floral liqueur will bring back memories of wandering through the fynbos nature reserves, sweet but not cloying with a long lasting fynbos honey after taste.

·       Honey and tea are natural companions. Splashing a little DIY honey liqueur in any tea, hot or iced, gives you a no-effort brunch drink or evening wind-down cocktail. Honey liqueur, iced tea, and lemonade makes for a tasty spiked Arnold Palmer.

·       For killer sangria, try mixing peaches, nectarines, honey liqueur, and white wine. Use sparkling wine and a dash of orange bitters, and it's a party.

·       With a little tasting and tweaking, using honey liqueur instead of simple syrup in daiquirismojitoswhiskey soursmint juleps, and other classics added a whole new set of drinks to my cocktail repertoire. (I usually start by using half as much liqueur as I would simple syrup and reducing the amount of spirit by about a quarter ounce before working my way up from there by taste.)

·       Any dessert that would taste good with honey could benefit from a little honey liqueur—pour it over fruit and vanilla ice cream, drizzle it on top of tarts, or use it as a glaze. Cook some cherries in it and either snack on them or use them to garnish your drinks.