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Quantum energy pendant

The Quantum Energy pendant has two Quantum Energy chips built into it, which are consistent with the Quantum Energy chips installed in the Quantum Magic Box.

All living beings have their resonance frequencies. You, me, others, and the whole world are in energy exchange and resonate with the body's biological field to coordinate the energy frequencies. When the resonance frequency is harmonious, people's psychological, emotional and physical health is relatively strong. When the energy consumption of living things or external interference, will become fatigued and mental and emotional instability.

The key components are the two quantum frequency modulation resonating chips (Quantum Energy Chips) - a unique combination of crystal elements with 99.999% purity. It acts like an oscillator to transform and conduct energy and become a more condensed vibration. When the vibration frequencies of two objects are close, resonance will occur.

For example, holding two identical tuning forks, when one tuning fork starts to vibrate, the other tuning fork with the same audio frequency will vibrate, and the vibration of the second tuning fork will be feedback to enhance resonance.

The energy of the body is like the first tuning fork, and the function of the FUKANGYA quantum energy pendant is like the second tuning fork. When treated with Quantum energy chips, it will adjust the human body within the healthy frequency range, enhance the energy of the body, and reduce the interference of electromagnetic fields such as computers, mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc.

Health Benefit Of Quantum Energy Chips
● Accelerates metabolism, improves blood circulation, detoxifies toxins in the body, and rejuvenates the skin.
● Speed up blood flow, regulate blood pressure and improve blood-related problems.
● Improves the magnetic field of cells, strengthens cell regeneration and thus slows down aging. It also improves the quality of one's sleep and reduces insomnia.
● Improve micro-circulation. It has a good conditioning effect on various chronic diseases caused by micro-circulation disorders.
● Balance bio-electricity. Improve the disorder of various tissues and organs caused by bio-electricity imbalance.
● Enhance immunity. Inhibit tumors, improve sub-health, and improve disease resistance.
● Relieve fatigue caused by physiological jet lag.
● Enhance concentration and make performance better in all aspects.
● Reduce electromagnetic waves and radiation damage to the human body.
● Help sleep, effectively improve insomnia and sleep disorders.
● Effectively stabilize personal emotions, reduce anxiety and release stress, and effectively relieve headaches.
● Increasing muscle strength, strength, endurance, and increase vitality.
● It can help human cells to eliminate toxins, improve skin condition, and enhance energy and physical strength.

Selling at introduction price of R 550,00