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Scalar Pendant @ R 450,00Scalar Pendant @ R 450,00



Scalar Pendant, Sun Design
Selling @ R450,00Scalar Pendant, Sun Design Selling @ R450,00 

Back of Scalar Sports bracelet @ R 450,00Back of Scalar Sports bracelet @ R 450,00

  Front of Scalar sports bracelet.Front of Scalar sports bracelet.

Scalar energy Energy card 
Selling @ R100,00. 2000 negative IONsScalar energy Energy card Selling @ R100,00. 2000 negative IONs


 The human body is a network of different forms of energy. It is this system of energy that sustains the physical body. Each living cell in the body emits electro-magnetic radiation.

 Each cell also has a positive and negative charge. Generally, the outside of a cell has a positive charge and the inside of a cell has a negative charge. But these charges may be momentarily reversed based on the action of "ion pumps" on the cell mem­brane that drive sodium ions out of the cell and pumps potassium ions into the cell (an ion is an atom or group of atoms that carries an electrical charge).

The Scalar Energy Bracelets and Pendants are selling at only R 450,00 each.

Factors that can affect the Body's Biofield:

 Many factors can affect the optimum functioning of the body's biofield. Any form of stress whether physical, emotional, mental or environmental can compromise the health of the biofield. Extreme stress can compromise the harmony and balance of the biofield. Researchers report that energy imbalances and block­ages occur in the biofield due to trauma, abuse, deficiencies, outside pathogens or auto-intoxication and immune dysfunction. Other factors that affect the health of the biofield include the possible contamination of our metabolic energy supplies. Cell phones are one of the worst enemies to the human bodies energy field emitting up to 970 Mhz. Your house uses 220AC (alternating current) creating a magnetic field in your home. Your body functions at between 60-70 microvolts. This overwhelming bombardment of higher energy fields to your body decreases your own energy field. A Quantum Science energy pendant is made from volcanic rock and 97 other minerals and through nano technology it is fused together. The Pendant emits up to 2500 Negative ION's

 There is a growing body of research that point towards an increase in some types of cancer on exposure to these high intensity electro-magnetic fields. The main source of concern lies with alternating currents. These alternating currents may generate electro-magnetic fields that pulse at 60 cycles per second. This frequency may influence the health of human cells. Living in this era of technological development, man is constantly being bombarded by unnatural electro-magnetic fields produced by the various household electrical appliances. 

Electromagnetic fields have a negative impact on all living cells, human, animal and plant life.

Some electromagnetic waves carry so much energy per quantum that they have the ability to break bonds between molecules.   Man-made sources of electromagnetic fields that form a major part of industrialized life – cell phones, electricity, TV, monitors, microwaves and radiofrequency fields –damage our own magnetic fields. Scalar energy products help to restore the human body’s magnetic field and harmony to restore and repair cells.


Scalar Energy-  Health and Wellness benefits:

~ Better concentration and focus

~ Better sleep pattern

~ Reduces jet lag

~ Enhances blood circulation

~ Enhances immune and endocrine system

~ Enhances cellular nutrition and   detoxification

~ Enhances cellular permeability

~ Promotes healing of cells

~ Helps to protect DNA from damage

~ Increases energy

~ Improves sporting performance

~ Fewer headaches and migraines

~ Reduces inflammation

~ Reduces joint pains and arthritis

~ Reduces effects of EMF from mobile phones and computers

~ Reduces hypertension and high blood pressure


Scalar Energy products help to:

Improve Balance

Increase Strength

Further Endurance

Increase Power

Better Flexibility

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Titanium bracelet.Titanium bracelet.